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USPS – United States Postal System is the largest postal system with over 6 lac+ employees and millions of customers all around North America. It is still a distant dream for many of the postal systems around the world to handle this much volume of employees and customers together. Being the largest and the best postal system in the world at the same time is much more challenging than on paper. Today in here we will be discussing how USPS has become the largest and the best postal service provider in the world. There is no secret behind the success of USPS on such a big scale. A major part of its success relies on its management, which handles tons of customers and employees at the same time. For the ease of accessibility, USPS has developed many forums as well as apps for its employees and customers. Liteblue is one such forum developed by USPS management for handling a huge workforce of around 6 Lac employees. It took almost 2+ years for developing such a comprehensive web portal. Through Liteblue, an employee could raise his/her issues either it be work-related or emotional with the higher authorities. He/She can expect the reply for the query within 24 hrs, No other federal institution in the world works so efficiently as USPS. Today in here, we will be letting you know what all hr benefits an employee could avail through Liteblue web portal. When it comes to HR and caring about employees, USPS is the place one would dream to work. Liteblue USPS aspires to provide all its HR services to employees all around the United States of America without any discrimination. The Internet is the best platform available for delivering such a great visionary. Liteblue USPS has got a separate tab for HR-related services and benefits. One can access the services through the HR tab on the top navigation. Tap on My HR on the top navigation, It contains tons of relevant and useful information, it is advised to read properly before moving forward. Over there, you could also find some of the most important circular related to the HR department. Reading and implementing the circulars will help you in your career development. Let’s now look into some of the best features of USPS Human Resource.

Features of LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resource

United States Postal System is one of the few federal institutions which cares for its employees as well as its customers. For speeding up the HR services, USPS has developed its own innovative web portal for delivering its HR benefits to its employees. It is one of the few HR systems around the globe with good response time.

1. Liteblue web portal deals with all types of engagements. An employee can put up his grievances in this portal and can even escalate the issue to the highest possible level through the Liteblue portal.

2. Users are free to access information on health benefits, tickets, taxations, and other relevant information. USPS will also be updating the section with upcoming seminars and programs.

3. An employee can even access the career section through My HR tab, over there one could find the latest openings as well as eligible positions. With this section, he/she can stay abreast with latest notifications.

4. One of the most important and unique features of liteblue is the – Employee rights section. Most of the federal institutions having hr management portal doesn’t have this section. The employee rights section of the portal provides you with all the required information regarding your rights in the organization.

Liteblue HR Contact Number

As an employee, if you are in doubt of some of the hr benefits or policies, you can easily avail the service by phone at 877-477-3273 as per your convenience. I hope you all loved reading my article on Liteblue HR services, feel free to share your experience in Liteblue web portal under the comment section.

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