Wacom Tablet Driver – Error Solution [How to Fix So Click Here]

Today here in this article we are going to tell you a step by step guide which help you to fix Wacom Tablet Driver error in your tablet. If you are a Wacom tablet user and start facing driver issue then you need to fix that issue. Wacom Tablet Driver issue is one of the most common issue and if you start facing this error then you don’t need to worry because here in this article we are going to tell you a step by step guide which help you get know the method of how to fix Wacom tablet driver. So read it carefully and understand whole process and also the process of how to use wacom tablet.


As you all know very well that the Wacom download is one of the very famous and highly used device which is used for the purpose of drawing and everyone loved it because of its features and user friendly interface. Sometimes, the users notice that the Wacom bamboo tablet Driver or the Wacom Driver is not working notification appears at the time of using this. Mostly, this problem is reported by all the users who install this Wacom bamboo fun driver in windows 10 in their windows system and this issues takes place most of the time when we are using it.


It is good to get to know that the most of the tablet users uses the external screen while the costlier have an in-built drive. A particular chip is basically used for the communication purpose with the scalar and also it demands a driver. In several cases this problem takes place because of the incorrect installation of the driver.

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In the below given details we are sharing a step by step guide which help you to get the best solutions to solve the problem easily. The process may depends upon the case to another but it is applicable for most of them. You need to make sure that you need to follow the below given steps and the installation process carefully.


Firstly, if you have a “wacom intuos draw driver” Pro Tablet which is having windows 10 operating system then you need to make sure that you are connecting the wireless mode even though you have connect it to the cable or not. It will display you the errors of Wacom tablet driver and it is really annoying. So to fix this error, simply follow the below given steps.

1. Remove And Reinstall Driver

  • Firstly, you need to open the control panel option of your Wacom intuos cth 480 driver device and then simply select the option of Add or Remove Programs.
  • Then you need to find the Wacom cth-480 driver and when you find it, simply click on the uninstall option and then simply uninstall it at that time.
  • When the uninstallation process gets complete, you need to restart your windows.
  • After this, you need to go to the official website of Wacom which is wacom.com and then simply go to the “Wacom Tablet Driver download” or Wacom Software Download for the Windows 10.


If you don’t want to use the above given steps or you already use them but they are not helpful for you, then you are able to go for some of the Automatic Driver Tools for wacom download software. Driver Easy is one of the best available tools, if you are using windows 10. So, you are able to use it for the downloading and installing purpose of your Wacom software download driver.

2. Restart Wacom Tablet Service

With the help of this option, you are able to resolve this issue. So, simply follow the below given steps to fix this issues.

  • Firstly, you need to open Run of your device and then you need to type msc and then simply make a click on the Ok button.
  • When it is located, then make a click on the Wacom Tablet Driver and then you will find some option like:
  • Wacom Consumer Service
  • Wacom Profession Service
  • Tablet Service Wacom
  • Now, you need to make a right click on that and then you will see and then make a restart of your device.

3. Try Out Plugging in Different Portal/Slot

  • One of the quickest solution to fix this error is to plug the Wacom Tablet Cable into an other slot or other port.
  • If all the above given solution doesn’t work and unable to help you then you can also try it by simply changing the cable. Simply use another cable.

Note: Keep in mind the process may vary for some devices, for mostly it is same. You will find it quite easier with window 10 software and wacom intuos pen and touch driver.

Final Conclusion:

So finally in the above given article we had discussed all the possible details and methods which help you to fix the Wacom Tablet Driver error. You can use all the above given solution yourself and you doesn’t need to go to the customer support or to the technician. Also, if you are not able to fix the Wacom intuos pen and touch driver with the help of above given methods then you make a contact with the customer support. We hope that all the above given information is helpful for and informative as well. If yes, then simply tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section below and also share this article with others as well.

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